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Welcome to K-PAX Performance Cars

Established in 2010, K-PAX Performance Cars is a sister-company to K-PAX Racing, founded for the sole-purpose of sharing what we learn on the track and translating that to special edition vehicles and performance parts designed to heighten your driving experience.

We specialize in McLaren and Volvo due to the simple fact that that these are the cars that we have raced and won with. We have torn them down, built-them back up, made them faster, stronger, and more nimble. We know them down to their very bones. We know what makes them special and we know how to enhance those special attributes. The people that touch our race cars are the very same that develop the products for your street car, whether it be a Volvo V60 or McLaren 650S. Our products are unique and very special indeed.

All of our development is conducted in-house to ensure that you get the ultimate K-PAX experience.  When it comes to manufacturing, we partner with the best of industry. None of our products are produced in low-cost regions where we cannot supervise material quality, composition and processes. What you get with K-PAX is the absolute best. Our products are for the most discerning drivers that demand absolute performance developed using race-craft processes and methodology.

However, with all that in mind, what we create at K-PAX Performance Cars are not race cars, but a street car you can use everyday. Our goal is simple. All of the products we produce must have a demonstrable improvement in performance, but most importantly we want to put a smile on your face. Whether, you are driving the kids to work in your 12C or at a track day with your C30, we want everyday to be a special experience with your K-PAX Racing-enhanced vehicle.

If you want a race car, we can do that too. Just send us a note using our contact form and let us know what sort of car it is, which race category you want to compete in and what your budget is and we will craft a plan to achieve your objectives.

Our products are exclusively available at Authorized K-PAX Racing Retailers across North America.